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The female Quotient


What metrics should organizations be looking at during and after the hiring process to increase diversity in their workplace?

There’s no cookie cutter solution. Each metric has to specifically feed the needs of the organization, as well as the root cause of their own issues based on their sector, on their size and also on their willingness to track over time. From my experience, you have to see it from a holistic point of view. It’s about understanding that it's a whole process. It's not just about attracting the right talent and a pool of talent, it's about recruiting them and retaining them as well as sustaining them, either within or outside of the organization. A very precise, very clear, very concise diversity goal can help achieve that.

Making small changes to have big impact on gender diversity

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One suggestion to combat this would be for firms to take a more behavioral view of how they manage people and look at the organization levers – the processes, structures and communication methods – they use to manage people. Behavior really determines performance, and firms need to view their lawyers’ behavior through a sort of “reverse triangle”: First, determine what performance they want, then examine their data to see what behaviors they are getting and finally, nudge that behavior toward their goals. But to accomplish this, you have to begin by looking at an organization holistically.