Inclusive Balance System Design

She developed a framework that she calls “Inclusive Balance System Design” (IBSD) ®. It aims to design organizational levers that align with a firms long-term goals of inclusivity and level the playing field for women and minorities. The key objective of IBSD is to remove biases that creep in, and strengthen the firms core competitive advantage: being its people.

The first step of this organizational design system is to segment and define the stages that talents move through, from potential applicant all the way to leadership roles such as partner and equity partner. Once those stages have been established, we can begin to identify the points at which these organizational levers are impeded or biased.

With a commitment from leadership, processes can then be redesigned to be inclusive, and an organization’s behavior can be modified to remove the barriers and biases that keep diverse talent out.

These targeted modifications and redesigns are what can be referred to as “nudges.” Nudges are action-oriented and are built on carefully analyzed data analytics, and they are controlled and measured.


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© paolacecchidimeglio